About WooWorld+
Evolving the possibilities of the NFT Experience.

At WooWorld, we're dedicated to building on Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology in ways that are engaging and fun for you. Be it games, music, art, community, or events - we're working on bringing people accessible and purposeful experiences, supported by the innovations of new media and blockchain technology.

The premiere WooWorld+ Minecraft server is a foray in blockchain-integrated gaming, designed to bridge the enormous NFT and Minecraft communities. Players worldwide are able to socialize in a virtu-real space, play to collect exclusive NFTs, as well as trade and put their own on display.

Meet the team

Max Woo

Founder, Designer

Nika Mtchedlidze

Lead Developer

Contact: Max Woo [email protected]
145 S Columbia Dr #C, Decatur GA 30030
United States of America
Entity 21255895